GREG ALLEN Event Photographer | About


Images are a part of our Global language. 


One image can ignite an emotion or transport us to another place or time.


It links us to our story. 


My clients make great efforts to produce wonderful events and deserve to have a thorough representation of their efforts. My desire is to have them view their photos and be reminded of a special experience that they have created for others or have experienced for themselves. Living in the quaint village in Kent, Greg Allen (Photojournalist at heart) provides photography to clients throughout Kent, London and Europe. Arriving in 2008 Greg Allen’s unconventional event and wedding photography tells the complete story of any event. Blending his award winning art style with modern lighting and posing techniques, Greg captures the emotion, natural expressions, and subtle details of life’s most important moments.

Greg’s ability to unfold a story in pictures didn’t go unnoticed. Opening doors to the America's best art shows and garnering the highest awards in the top 10 national art competitions, he has won gold awards at the largest photo convention in London. His photos have sold internationally and earned him Disney’s designation as a master level photographer. 

Let the gallery photos speak for themselves. Notice the authentic emotions, gestures, passionate discussions or confirming glances and loving embraces.


If you would like to know more about how your event will be remembered, please contact me to discuss.